What is A CDFA®

Client Centered

The role of a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® professional is to help both the client and their lawyer understand how the financial decisions made today impact the divorcing client’s future. A CDFA® goes through intensive training in analysis. Their role is to provide guidance related to the financial impact of divorce.

A CDFA® provides litigation support for the attorney and client, becomes a member of the collaborative divorce team or acts as a mediator. They do not replace the need for an attorney but can support your attorney in providing advice regarding:

 Division of Assets
 Child Support
 Debts
 Alimony
 Integrating tax issues
 Analyzing pensions and retirement plans
 Determining if the client can afford the matrimonial home
 Evaluating a client’s insurance needs
 Provides data about the financial impact of a divorce settlement
 Appears as an expert witness in court

If you and your spouse have assets of significant value, the financial ramifications can be complicated.
Money mistakes could have far-reaching consequences. During this difficult time, hiring a Certified
Divorce Financial Analyst® for your divorce team can help you and your attorney make informed
decisions, and provide clarity about financial decisions for your new life.